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1. What if I have a fair housing complaint against my current landlord?
2. What are the income limits for receiving Section 8 Rental Assistance?
3. What are the latest utility allowances?
4. Who is responsible for the security deposit or deposit on utilities?
5. How much rent does a Housing Choice Voucher holder pay?
6. Must a landlord rent to a Housing Choice Voucher holder if there is a unit available?
7. Can a Housing Voucher be transferred to another agency?
8. Who finds the unit to live in?
9. What area(s) does Garland Housing cover?
10. Can a person take an application home to fill out in advance?
11. If a family is on the waiting list in another city, can it transfer to the Garland Housing Agency waiting list?
12. Does a Voucher holder have to live in an apartment?
13. How many Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are available through the City of Garland Housing Agency?
14. How much is the deposit on a unit?
15. Is an individual eligible for housing if he/she has a job?
16. How long does it take to get rental assistance once a family is on the waiting list?
17. What if there is an emergency?
18. What do we bring when we apply?
19. How do you get on the Garland Housing Agency waiting list?
20. How does an individual or family get on Section 8 in Garland?
21. Does the City of Garland have public housing?
22. How does Section 8 Rental Assistance differ from public housing?
23. Does the Garland Housing Agency offer the Housing Choice Voucher Home Ownership program?