What is the Garland Foundation for Development?

The Garland Foundation for Development is a local government corporation that was created in 2010 under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act.  Local government corporations may be used to fund and/or manage transportation, water and sewer infrastructure, economic development ventures, and other projects that benefit the public.  Foundations are common in Texas cities that do not have the ability to create an Economic Development Corporation (EDC). EDCs, commonly referred to as a 4(b) corporations, are funded by a 1% optional 4(b) sales tax that can be used for various economic development activities.  Garland’s 1% optional sales tax goes to fund DART for regional transportation.  State law allows cities to form Foundations to perform many of the same functions of 4(b) corporations but have no taxing authority.

The Garland Foundation for Development was initially created to assist with downtown revitalization, in particular the area around Fifth Street Crossing.  Like an affiliate or subsidiary of a private corporation, the Foundation has been used to control risks and liabilities that could otherwise fall on the City and taxpayers.  The Foundation has also been used to acquire property where it was believed that buying in the City’s name would have resulted in paying a higher price.

The Foundation’s board of directors consists of the nine members of the City Council, as allowed by law.  The Foundation is subject to the same transparency requirements that are imposed on the City such as open meeting and open record requests.

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