Neighborhood Management

Promoting the Neighborhood Management Philosophy

Neighborhood management takes on many faces and it is more than organizing neighbors to act. 

Levels of Neighborhood Management

The basic level of the concept is the mindset of individuals. Not everyone chooses to be part of a group, but no one is absolved of their responsibility to their neighborhood. At a minimum, residents should demonstrate a willingness to invest and maintain individual properties and homes in a manner that reflects pride and accountability.

The second level involves taking the initiative to connect with adjacent neighbors for social engagement or to assist with a project.

Thirdly, active individuals will see the need to engage several neighbors on the block, which may spark the beginning of a core group that could ultimately become a neighborhood association.

Learn about the different levels of neighborhood management (PDF).

Promoting Neighborhood Associations

The City of Garland promotes neighborhood associations as an excellent opportunity for residents to build relationships with one another and community stakeholders, to create a forum for planning and setting goals, and to build social capital.